Is Orange Juice Good for You?

orange juice improves cholesterol and blood pressure

Orange juice is the most popular juice in the world, just edging out apple juice. We all love it, but is it good for you? A new meta-analysis put 8 studies together to find out.

This brand new study put together the data from 8 controlled studies of orange juice and risk factors for cardiovascular disease in overweight adults. It found that orange juice had a significant beneficial effect on systolic blood pressure and the heart healthy HDL cholesterol, suggesting that the most popular juice in the world could be really good for your heart.

The meta-analysis did not find that orange juice helped LDL cholesterol. But a 2013 study did find that long-term drinking of orange juice improves levels of total and LDL cholesterol in adults with normal or moderately elevated cholesterol levels (Lipids Health Dis. 2013;12:119).

So, enjoy your breakfast beverage! But make sure you are drinking real orange juice without any added sugar.

Food Funct. 2022 Nov 28 ;13(23):11945-11953

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