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Books by Linda Woolven (M.H., C.Ac.) and Ted Snider

Linda and Ted’s books are available at Chapters, Indigo, health food stores and book stores everywhere, as well as online at and

Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods by Linda Woolven & Ted Snider

You know chocolate tastes great. But this book delivers the best news of all: chocolate is good for you!

Linda Woolven and Ted Snider clearly lay out the science that shows that eating chocolate is good for your heart and good for diabetes while making you smarter and helping you lose weight.

Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods is loaded in the mystical lore of chocolate. It shares all the latest exciting research you need to know why you should eat more chocolate and more than sixty delicious recipes to tell you how to do it! Loaded in antioxidants, chocolate is nature’s superfood.

With a foreward by Michael T. Murray, N.D.

“ . . . a really good book, well researched, well-organized, compelling. It’s clearly a winner! This book deftly covers the highly compelling and extensive scientific and clinical research conducted on the myriad health benefits of cocoa and chocolate.” 

Mark Blumenthal
Executive Director American Botanical Council and Editor & Publisher of HerbalGram

Available for order at AmazonIndigo and your local bookstore.

The All New Vegetarian Passport by Linda Woolven

The All-New Vegetarian Passport: 350 Healthy Recipes Inspired by Global Cuisine is truly the only book of its kind.

The All-New Vegetarian Passport is two books in one. It is a huge collection of original vegetarian recipes inspired by Linda’s travels around the world.

Recipes are divided into global regions with introductory sections on the culinary cultures of each of the regions. Each region includes sections on Starters & Sides, Salads, Soups, Mains, and Barbecue. There is also a section at the end on drinks & Desserts. All the recipes are healthy for everyone, delicious and easy-to-make.

But what is really unique about this book is that it is also a comprehensive nutrition and health book. Every recipe has icons that tell you whether the recipe is healthy for the most common health conditions or whether the recipe needs to be avoided for that condition. Conditions include cancer, candida, celiac, diabetes, gout, heart disease, MS, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. There is also an icon identifying vegan recipes. The beginning of the book has easy-to-read sections on the latest information on how to eat to treat and prevent each of these conditions.

Beautifully laid out with thick, glossy paper and colour photographs, The All-New Vegetarian Passport is 432 pages of delicious recipes and helpful health information.

Available for order at AmazonIndigo and your local bookstore.

View Linda and The All-New Vegetarian Passport on Breakfast Televsion and on The Global Morning Show.

Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions by Linda Woolven and Ted Snider

Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions is a fun and informative guide to the natural prevention and treatment of infertility and reproductive problems that affect both men and women. The information is both comprehensive and entertaining with clear, easy to follow step-by-step programs. Topics include everything from herbal aphrodisiacs to male and female infertility, erectile dysfunction and all of their many causes.

“Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions is packed full of effective natural approaches to deal with problems common to both men and women” -Michael T. Murray, ND 

“A well documented and enjoyable resource book on alternative approaches to aphrodisia, erectile dysfunction and infertility. Full of fun lore and useful information. Lay readers and professionals can, like me, enjoy and learn from this book. Fun reading; good information.”
-James A. Duke

“I love this book! It’s well researched, comprehensive and a delight to read. Filled with great information, wonderful herbal stories and sound advice, Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions provides information one needs to know to enhance one’s sexual energy naturally as well as provides excellent solutions for many of the daunting reproductive problems that are currently on the rise. -Rosemary Gladstar

Available for order at AmazonIndigo and your local bookstore.

The Family Naturopathic Encyclopedia by Linda Woolven and Ted Snider

The Family Naturopathic Encyclopedia is an authoritative guide to the natural prevention and treatment of common conditions and ailments that affect the entire family.

Entries are arranged alphabetically in separate sections on children’s health, women’s health, men’s health, senior’s health and health conditions that affect the whole family. Tailored to each specific condition, the easy-to-use information details specific causes, preventative measures, effective solutions and the most current scientific information on vitamins, minerals, herbs, diet and lifestyle. With a foreward by Michael T. Murray, ND, The Family Naturopathic Encyclopedia is an absolute must for every modern home.

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Available for order at AmazonIndigo and your local book store.

Smart Woman’s Guide to PMS and Pain-free Periods by Linda Woolven

Don’t choose between suffering and the side effects of harmful drugs. This clear, comprehensive guide provides complete information and clear, easy to follow step-by-step programs for feeling great every day of the month, every month of your life, the scientifically-proven and natural way.

Topics included are: PMS, Painful Periods, Heavy Periods, Absence of Periods, Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Ovarian Cysts, Uterine Fibroids, Endometriosis, Pregnancy, Menopause, Osteoporosis and Healthy Weight Loss.

 Available for order at Amazon and your local bookstore.

Healthy Herbs: Your Everyday Guide to Medicinal Herbs and Their Use by Linda Woolven and Ted Snider

Healthy Herbs combines traditional herbalism, traditional lore, clinical experience and the latest scientific research on well over 100 of the most commonly used herbs in North America with information on how the herb works, what it does for you, dosage, safety, safety during pregnancy and breast feeding, and interactions.

Read the HerbalGram Review

Available for order at AmazonIndigo and your local bookstore.

The Vegetarian Passport Cookbook: Simple Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World by Linda Woolven

Linda serves up original all-vegetarian recipes from across the globe that are tasty yet simple to follow and use ingredients commonly found in your grocery store. Tantalize your nose and palate, rekindle memories of adventures past, and inspire a new love for the incredible foods that the world has to offer.

Available for order at AmazonIndigo and your local bookstore.