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 A Comprehensive Natural Health Clinic Combining Eastern and Western Science and Tradition and Mental and Physical Well Being


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Virtual Solution-Focused Counselling

Depresion? Anxiety? Stress? Relationship Challenges? Life Changes?Linda is certified in Solution-Focused Counselling (University of Toronto)Find help through on-line counselling appointments with The Natural Path’s Linda Woolven

Virtual Consultations for Your Health Herbs, Vitamins & Nutrition

Need natural health help?What Do You Get in a Virtual Appointment?Benefit from Linda’s Over 20 Years of Clinical Experience & Cutting Edge Knowledge of Research as Seen in The Natural Path.Linda is a Master Herbalist who offers on-line consulations for nutrition, herbs and vitamins.


Linda is also a Registered Acupuncturist. Let her help you on-line weekly by showing you how to use your own acupressure points.

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Writing About Products You Sell in Your Store

The Natural Path is a uniquely educational newsletter designed exclusively for health food stores. By providing honest education to your customers, The Natural Path is the most powerful way to increase your sales. The Natural Path features only products that are available in Canada and the U.S. and that are found on your shelves.

Reliable and Effective

The Natural Path is a carefully researched and referenced newsletter that is overflowing with practical information your customers can act on in your store and actually use. It increases their confidence and increases your sales.  The Natural Path is detailed and informative, respecting your customers’ increasingly sophisticated knowledge, while still being easy and entertaining to read.

Trustworthy: Educating not Advertising

The Natural Path serves you and your customers: it contains absolutely no advertising and never names a brand. That means your customers will actually trust the information and that you can actually sell what’s on your shelf instead of special ordering to fit the advertisements.


The Natural Path is informative, interesting and responsible. It is not just summaries of studies that your customers will see on the web and elsewhere, but comprehensive articles that are all originally researched and written by Linda Woolven, M.H., R.Ac. and Ted Snider, well-known authors your customers will know and trust.

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