Black Seed & Vitamin D Team Up to Conquer COVID

combination of black seed and vitamin D speeds up recovery and negative PCR test in people with COVID

A new study shows the promise of combining these two natural supplements in fighting COVID.

Vitamin D is the most important natural supplement in the fight against COVID. Less well known is that the herb Nigella sativa, or black seed, has been the subject of a number of impressive studies.

Placebo-controlled research shows that a black seed and honey combo promotes faster recovery from COVID. And while 18.87% of the placebo group died, only 4% of the black seed group did (medRxiv November 6, 2020;

An unblinded, controlled study found that 500mg of black seed oil twice a day improves recovery, speeds recovery and reduces hospitalization (Complement Ther Med 2021 Aug 15;61:102769).

In this new study, 120 people with mild to moderate COVID were placed in a control group that received standard therapy, or in a group that received standard therapy plus 900mg of black seed, a low 2,000IU dose of vitamin D or both for 14 days.

Interestingly, in a victory of recognition for natural medicine, in addition to pharmaceutical interventions, standard therapy included 1g of vitamin C and 50mg of zinc.

The group that added 450mg of black seed twice a day along with a low dose of 2,000IU vitamin D did better than the group who got standard therapy alone. 50% of them were free of cough after 7 days, 70% were no longer fatigued after 4 days, 80% were free of headaches after 5 days, 90% no longer had runny nose after 7 days, 86.7% were no longer struggling with breathing (dyspnea) after 7 days and temperatures were reduced after 3 days.

Most importantly, the number of people testing negative on a PCR test after 7 and 14 days was significantly higher than in the control group. Those on black seed and vitamin D were 83% less likely to be positive after 7 days and 91% less likely after 14, which the researchers called a “remarkable viral clearance.”

Front Pharmacol. 2022; 13: 1011522.

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