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The Natural Path Clinic
with Linda Woolven

Linda Woolven, M.H, R.Ac
The author of numerous books on nutrition, vitamins and herbs,
And coauthor of The Natural Path Newsletter,

Linda Woolven is one of Canada’s
best known natural health experts & authors

A Comprehensive Natural Health Clinic
Combining Eastern and Western Science and Tradition
and Mental and Physical Well Being

  • herbs
  • vitamins
  • acupuncture
  • diet & nutrition
  • traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis
  • solution-focused counseling
  • reiki
  • master herbalist, acupuncturist & solution-focused counselor

Master Herbalist

Combine the wisdom of thousands of years of healing tradition with the most cutting edge modern science.

Research and tradition show that herbs can effectively prevent and treat illness without the unwanted side effects of drugs. A herbalist can help you learn how to use herbs to fully enjoy your health naturally.


For thousands of years in China, acupuncture has been used as a pillar of traditional Chinese medicine. Not just used for pain or injury as often thought in the West, acupuncture is a comprehensive system of that may be used for healing the whole body.

Effective and safe, acupuncture may be used to heal without putting anything foreign into the body. Its aim is to heal the body by freeing up and encouraging the body to heal itself. A truly natural healing system, acupuncture has been proven by thousands of years of tradition and vindicated by a large body of modern scientific research.

By carefully asking questions and examining the tongue, pulses and other signs and symptoms, the acupuncturist is also able to bring you the benefit of a wholly uninvasive and highly effective diagnostic system.

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques with acupuncture allows you to discover the source of your health problem and design a treatment program that aims to help you maintain optimal health and prevent illness without putting anything in your body in a truly holistic and natural way.

Linda’s clinic includes cosmetic acupuncture.

Linda is a member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario.

Solution-focused Counsellor

Psychological health is a very important part of overall health. Mental health and a positive mental attitude are crucial for a full, healthy life. Linda offers not only nutritional, herbal, vitamin and acupuncture therapy, but also solution-focused counselling for a truly comprehensive approach to health.

Solution-focused counselling is an exciting development in psychology that offers solutions without requiring the drawn out process demanded by many other therapies of analyzing your weaknesses and dysfunctions. Solution-focused counselling focuses on the positive and helps the client to discover and draw out solutions that she already possesses. This approach often needs no more than a few sessions and often starts you on the road to healing in only one.

By looking at your strengths and goals and using other techniques that enable you to find your own solutions, solution-focused therapy enables you to solve your problems and improve your life and health. Like natural health, it puts you in control and helps you to realize that you already possess the power to heal and have the solutions to your struggles within you, helping you to heal yourself.

  • Individual therapy
    • Youth therapy
  • Couples’ counselling

Diet & Nutrition

Health begins with a healthy diet and lifestyle: both of which are totally in your control. Linda will empower you to fully enjoy vitality and health by sharing the most modern nutritional research with you. Linda’s several cookbooks and health books teach you how to enjoy delicious food while maximizing your health through diet.


In order to maintain optimal health and prevent and treat health problems, it is often beneficial to take advantage of vitamins and minerals. Linda will help you to maximize your health by making the most current scientific research available to you. Linda’s several books on natural health, including vitamins and minerals, will teach you how to incorporate supplements into your holistic health program. 


Reiki is an energy healing art that helps you attain your most vital health. The reiki practitioner helps you to strengthen your own healing energy, or “ki”, and ease its flow, so you can help yourself to attain a more positive state of mental and physical health.

Reiki can help you locate the source of your mental or physical stress. It can help you soothe tension and stress and support your body’s creation of an environment that allows physical, mental and emotional healing. Reiki is a great complement to herbalism, acupuncture and other natural medicine practices.

Reiki sessions are relaxing, healing and enlightening. 

Linda is a registered member of the Canadian Reiki Association.

In addition to The Natural Path and hundreds of articles on natural health, Linda has also been a Toronto Star columnist, a Windsor Star columnist and a regular in Alive and Vitality magazines. And she is the author of several books on herbs, vitamins, supplements and nutrition:

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