Flaxseed Fights Your Diabetes

photo by Ted Snider

When your diabetic and your blood sugar skyrockets after eating, that’s bad news. But guess what flaxseeds can do!

Blood sugar elevations after eating are associated with diabetes and its complications. Simply adding flaxseed to your meal may help solve the problem.

19 men with type 2 diabetes who were on diabetes medication ate a control breakfast or the same control breakfast after taking 15g or ground, raw flaxseed.

Taking the flaxseed resulted in a significant 17.25% reduction in the peak rise of glucose. Two hours later, flaxseed had decreased blood glucose by a significant 23.99%.

The researchers concluded that eating 15g of flaxseed before breakfast is “a simple and affordable dietary strategy to be adopted by individuals with [type 2 diabetes] to improve glycemic control.”

Nutrients. 2022 Sep;14(18):3736

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