Global Warming & Your Dinner Plate

What you eat affects global warming: a lot. Luckily, the changes to your diet that are good for you are good for the planet too.

If the world goes on eating the way it eats now, global food consumption could add nearly one degree celsius warming to the planet by 2100. And that’s too much. Since we have already added one degree, this one degree puts us past the 1.5 degree global warming target and reaches the 2 degree threshold set by the Paris Agreement.

What’s the quickest way to have an impact? Meat and dairy are responsible for more than half of the warming. Rice contributes 19%. But vegetables, fruits, grains, oils, beverages, sea food and eggs each contribute only 5% or less. 80% of future warming from food consumption will come from meat, dairy and rice.

How can you change the world? A healthy diet that reduces red meat to one serving a week, limits fish, poultry and eggs to a maximum of two servings each a day, that reduces saturated fat and cholesterol and emphasizes plant foods could decrease global warming by 21% or a full 0.19 degrees celsius.

So if you want to save the health of the planet and the health of yourself at the same time, focus on a delicious, healthy plant based diet.

Nat Clim Chang.

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