A New Herb for Your Bones

blackcurrant powder increases bone mineral density in menopausal women

Menopause can bring with it an increased risk of osteoporosis. A new herb can help change that.

This new double-blind study gave 40 perimenopausal or early menopausal women either a placebo or blackcurrant powder. The researchers chose blackcurrant to study because they report that it is higher in anthocyanin flavonoids than other common berries like blueberry, blackberry, raspberry or cranberry. Some of the women were given a low dose of 393mg a day of blackcurrant powder, and some were given the higher dose of 784mg a day. The study lasted 6 months.

The high dose blackcurrant group had significantly less loss of whole body bone mineral density than the placebo group. In fact, while the placebo group continued to lose bone mineral density, the high dose blackcurrant group had significant gains in bone mineral density. The blackcurrant supplement also led to a significant increase in a marker of bone formation.

This study introduces blackcurrant powder as a new herb for osteoporosis.

Nutrients 2022;14(23):4971

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