Suffering from Colitis? See What Flax Can Do for Your Life!

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Colitis can be debilitating and can drastically worsen your quality of life. Flax is safe and healthy and can drastically improve your quality of life. Check out how.

Colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease. So, if you can safely improve the inflammation, you may safely improve the disease and your quality of life. That is exactly what this new placebo-controlled study found.

75 people with ulcerative colitis were put in a group that took 30g a day of ground flaxseed or 10g a day of flaxseed oil or a control group.

After 12 weeks, hs-CRP, an important marker of inflammation, was significantly reduced in both flaxseed groups compared to the control group. IL-10, an anti-inflammatory cytokine, was significantly increased in the flaxseed oil group but not in the control group.

Mayo scores, a commonly used measure of disease activity in colitis, improved significantly in both flax groups compared to the control group.

As would be expected with these important improvements, quality of life increased significantly in the flax groups versus the control group.

This new study was controlled but not blinded, so it awaits further confirmation. But the results excitingly suggest that, if you struggle with colitis, a safe, simple helping of flax could change your life.

Int J Clin Pract. 2021 May;75(5):e14035

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