Really Tired? Ginseng to the Rescue!

ginseng helps with disease related fatigue

Sometimes, a disease, or the treatment of that disease, can leave you exhausted. Ginseng, the king of herbs, can help!

Revered in the East, ginseng is sometimes seen as just another herb in the West. Panax ginseng has been prized in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years for revitalizing qi, your vital energy or life force.

Ginseng is a true adaptogen, meaning it is safe, it increases resistance to a wide range of stressors on the body and it normalizes body functions, boosting them when they are too low and calming them when they are too high.

Ginseng is prized for its ability to energize. Disease-related fatigue is exhaustion caused by a disease or the treatment of that disease. The most common disease-related fatigue is cancer.

A just published meta-analysis looked at 12 controlled studies of ginseng and disease-related fatigue. The studies used either Asian ginseng or North American ginseng. Combined, the studies included 1,298 people.

The meta-analysis found that ginseng significantly reduced disease-related fatigue.

That’s potentially life changing news for a lot of people.

Medicine (Baltimore). 2022 Jul 1;101(26): e29767

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