Powerful Natural Help for Kidney Disease

grape seed improves kidney function in people with chronic kidney disease
photo by Ted Snider

Chronic kidney disease is incredibly common. About one in ten people in Canada and the US have chronic kidney disease. It causes waste to build up in your body and can advance to end-stage kidney failure, which can be fatal. But a safe, natural solution can help.

Your kidneys filter waste and excess fluid from your blood. In chronic kidney disease, there is a gradual loss of kidney function, causing fluids, electrolytes and waste to build up in your body. If it progresses to end-stage kidney failure, it can require dialysis or kidney transplant, and it can be fatal. The number of people with end-stage kidney failure has grown dramatically over the past decade.  The leading cause of kidney disease is diabetes. Other important risk factors include obesity and high blood pressure.

Grape seed extract is a powerful antioxidant. It may be the most valuable supplement for many people who are looking for general antioxidant support. Oxidative stress is common in people with chronic kidney disease.

A just-published study looked at grape seed flour for treating people with chronic kidney disease. The study gave 40 people with chronic kidney disease either a placebo or grape seed flour for 6 months.

The grape seed clearly improved the kidney’s ability to filter as shown by the glomerular filtration rate. It also improved proteinuria, or high levels of protein in the urine, as well as blood pressure, inflammation, oxidative stress and overall patient welfare.

Crucially, grape seed stopped, and even reversed, the progression of diabetic nephropathy, the leading cause of chronic kidney disease and end-stage kidney failure.

This important, new study provides hope that supplementing grape seed can help people with chronic kidney disease.

Biomarkers. 2022 Dec;27(8):795-801

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