How to Get Your Sense of Smell Back

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One of the main symptoms of COVID is loss of the senses of smell or taste. About 30% of people who have had COVID continue to experience the loss as a long term consequence of the virus. There is new hope for people with postviral loss of smell.

Promising research has shown that a combination of two important, but lesser known, supplements, PEA and luteolin, can help you recover your smell after having COVID (Eur Rev Med Pharmacol Sci 2021 06 ;25(11):4156-4162).

Now, a new study has shown that a much better known supplement can also help.

The new study included 58 people with loss of smell after a viral infection. Some received olfactory training only, and some received the same training while also taking omega-3 essential fatty acid supplements.

Not surprisingly, sense of smell improved in both groups. But, excitingly, it improved more in the omega-3 EFA group.

This study suggests that supplementing omega-3 EFA’s can help you recover your sense of smell after a viral infection.

Rhinology. 2022 Apr 1;60(2):139-44

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