Eat Fiber; Live Longer!

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You’ve always been told that getting your fiber is good for you. How good? Now we can tell you exactly how good.

Not getting enough fiber in your diet is associated with a higher risk of several kinds of cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. So, it is not surprising that several recent studies have found an association between fiber and both all-cause mortality and death from specific conditions.

This new study was big: it included 86,642 people. Their average age was 62, and the study followed them for an average of 17.1 years.

What it discovered is that compared to the people who got the least fiber in their diet, those who got the most had a significant 29% reduced risk of death from any cause during the study. They also had a significant 27% reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and a significant 23% reduce risk of death from cancer.

Several meta-analyses have shown that fiber reduces the risk of all-cause mortality as well as death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. The added discovery of this new study is that the beneficial results were similar for soluble and insoluble fiber.

And the actual benefits of fiber could be even better for you because the average daily intake of fiber by people in this study was only about half the recommended level.

J Transl Med. 2022;20:344

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