chlorogenic acid in fruit, vegetables, coffee reduce risk of breast cancer

Diet plays a massive and underappreciated role in breast cancer. When women from countries with lower breast cancer rates move to North America and adopt our diet, their breast cancer rates climb as high as ours. And now there’s a new insight into the role of diet in breast cancer.

tea prevents heart disease and increases lifespan

Drinking tea is good for your heart, but you should only do it if you want to live a long, long life.

chili peppers increase longevity

Suicide hot sauce may be just the opposite. Not only will those spicy chili peppers not kill you, they may make you live a lot longer.

ginger improves pain of arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a very common disease that, for some reason, affects women almost three times as often as men. A safe treatment would be very desirable for two reasons: rheumatoid arthritis can be disablingly painful, and the drugs that are used to treat it are potentially dangerous. Well, here’s a safe treatment.

birth control pill shrinks hypothalamus

It’s been another bad year for the birth control pill. And the news just keeps getting worse. You knew the hormones were bad for your body, but did you know they were bad for your brain?

fruits and vegetables fight depression and make you happy

The connection between diet and the health of your body is well established and uncontroversial. But what about the effect of diet on the health of your mind? An expanding body of research is building the case that certain dietary patterns can make you happy.

fennel cream helps sexual dysfunction and vaginal atrophy of menopause

Though hot flashes get all the media buzz, they are far from the only annoying symptom of menopause. Women suffer from many menopausal symptoms, including vaginal atrophy and the sexual dysfunction that comes with it. Well, this herbal cream can help.

probiotics help depression and anxiety

Sometimes huge help comes from the smallest, most unexpected places, as this new microscopic help for depression and anxiety shows.

probiotics reduce risk of postoperative infection

The last thing you want after having surgery is to have to stay in the hospital because got a postoperative infection. So, try this safe and simple solution.

pine bark extract prevents free radical damage from exercise

Workouts are hard on your body, so your body could always use help. Here’s help!

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