weight training beats aerobic exercise for weight loss and muscle mass in seniors

You know that exercise is an important part of losing weight. But, you might be very surprised what kind of exercise works best.

dark chocolate enhances cognitive benefits of exercise

What could be better news than the discovery that chocolate makes you smarter? Wait, did you read that right?

boswellia helps knee pain not from osteoarthritis

Valued since biblical times, this magical herb might just be the thing your looking for for aches and pains in your knees.

bilberry helps dry and tired eyes from computer and cell phone screens

The greatest eye herb of them all is up to the challenge of the modern world: it's the answer to the strain that digital screens put on your eyes.

walking less than recommended amount of exercise helps you live longer

Everyone knows that exercise is good for your health. But, if you don’t get the recommended amount, don’t give up. A little is a lot better than nothing.

lifestyle choices affect long life more than genetics

A massive new genetic study has identified some of the key lifestyle choices you make that influence how long you’ll live.

just one hour of exercise prevents depression

You know that exercise can help you with your depression. But, it's tough when your struggling through depression to stick to your program every day. Don't let it get you down. You may get the benefit with less of the work.

multivitamin during pregnancy prevents autism

There is a simple, safe, inexpensive way for pregnant women to reduce the risk of their baby developing autism. Want to know what it is?

pumpkin seed oil helps menopausal women with hot flashes heart heath and depression

For menopausal women, pumpkin seeds might just do the trick and be a treat!

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