vegetarian and Mediterranean diets proven for weight loss and preventing cardiovascular disease

These two diets are great for losing weight and for reducing your risk of heart disease, which is not surprising because they have a lot in common.

opioids less effective than Tylenol or NSAIDs for pain

It’s been a very bad couple of years for pharmaceutical painkillers. Study after study confirms that they don’t work while having significant side effects. The news has been bad for acetaminophen (Tylenol) and for NSAIDs like Aspirin. Now the bad news keeps coming in on opioids.

tea increases bone mineral density and prevents osteoporosis

Osteoporosis continues to be the single most common bone disease, reaching epidemic proportions, especially among women. Could something as simple as sipping tea be the answer?

lycopene and lutein protect your skin from the sun

People who enjoy being out in the sun live longer than people who avoid it. Here’s a new way to do it naturally and safely.

probiotics prevent periodontitis and gingivitis

You knew that probiotics help you digest your food, but did you know they help you eat your food too? There are tons of uses of probiotics. Here’s a new one.

coffee prevents liver cancer

Coffee drinking has traditionally suffered a bad reputation. But recent research is changing the image of coffee. Now, it turns out, it may even prevent one of the worst forms of cancer.

natural supplements to improve your workout if you are inspired by the Olympics

Inspired by the Olympics? Well, here’s the latest science on how natural supplements can safely improve your workout.

Mediterranean diet increases chances of successful IVF birth

Diet is crucial for everything else, so why shouldn’t it be crucial for fertility? Turns out, it is.

chocolate prevents arterial fibrillation

Tons of research has shown that dark chocolate is good for your heart. But now there’s a new reason to eat chocolate for heart health.

olive oil prevents and treats diabetes

A little known feature of type 2 diabetes is that it is largely caused by consuming too much of the wrong kind of fats. So, what’s the right kind of fats?

Bad fats, like saturated fats, lead to diabetes because when they are incorporated into the cell membranes, the cell membranes become insensitive to insulin. But what’s the right kind of fat?

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