curcumin improves digestive symptoms and anxiety in people with digestive problems

These are certainly times of stress. And stress is no good for you, your mind or your tummy. Stress affects your digestive system, leading to all kinds of digestive problems. There’s a safe, powerful herb that can fix your stress and your tummy all at once.

saffron is as effective as and safer than drugs for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Sometimes thoughts and memories and fears can be too painful to face. Sometimes, when we can’t face these obsessive thoughts, we develop compulsive behaviours to distract ourselves from the thoughts or to relieve ourselves of the stress from these thoughts. These obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours can cause significant suffering and interfere with our lives. There is a beautiful purple flower that could help.

vitamin D deficiency associated with infection, severity and death in COVID-19

The mountain of evidence is becoming overwhelming. This crucial, new study looks at blood levels of vitamin D and asks if they correlate with infection, severity and death in COVID-19. They do!

licorice improves symptoms of Parkinson's disease

Before licorice was a candy, it was a herb: a herb with powerful healing properties. But no one thought it could help people with Parkinson’s. Could it?

antibiotics increase infant's risk of asthma, hay fever, food allergies, eczema, obesity, celiac and ADHD

An important new study provides more evidence for caution when thinking of giving your baby antibiotics.

green tea reduces risk of death after heart attack or stroke

If you’ve survived a stroke or heart attack, then you should be enjoying the taste and benefit of a nice, hot cup of tea. Green tea that is.

curcumin improves metabolic syndrome

In some ways, metabolic syndrome is the product of our modern lifestyle and the defining disease of our time. It is like the confluence where lifestyles that lead to heart disease, diabetes and obesity meet. But there is a herb for whom the research is emerging as fast as this new syndrome is. And it may be part of the answer for this epidemic of our time.

ginkgo biloba improves cognition after a stroke

Ginkgo biloba may be the most valuable herb of all for strokes. And the evidence is becoming more and more convincing that it can help cognition after suffering a stroke.

vitamin D may prevent COVID, reduce severity and reduce risk of death

While the most important studies have shown that vitamin D can contribute to the prevention of COVID-19, to recovery from COVID-19, to keeping you out of the ICU and to preventing death, new research adds 3 more studies to the mountain of evidence.

omega-3 essential fatty acids prevent heart disease and death from heart disease

The most comprehensive study ever done on supplementing omega-3 fatty acids has confirmed that they are great for your heart!

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