Using massive doses of IV vitamin C has been suggested in China for patients with COVID-19. Vitamin C is not a proven treatment but deserves future research.

flavonols from fruit vegetables and chocolate prevent Alzheimer's

Could it be possible to lower your risk of Alzheimer’s by eating more of the right foods? Sound too good to be true? Maybe not!

saffron helps insomnia

Saffron does a lot of things! And now we know that if you are one of the many people who fight with insomnia all night, saffron may be your herbal lullabye.

Mediterranean diet promotes longevity by protecting seniors from frailty and protecting cognition

The Mediterranean diet keeps you young, and, surprisingly, it does it, in part, by keeping the bacteria in your gut young.

Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation guidelines no longer recommend Aspirin for prevention of heart and cardiovascular disease

5.3 million Canadian adults take Aspirin to prevent heart disease. Most of them, according to new Heart and Stroke Foundation guidelines published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, should stop.

lavender improves anxiety

15% of people worldwide suffer from anxiety. But help may be a beautiful flower away.

blueberry prevents depression in adolescents

Blueberries may be blue, but you don’t have to be. The blue berry may be the answer for adolescents who are suffering from the blues. Could blueberries really be an antidepressant berry?

blueberry and grape polyphenols improve cognition, memory and attention in students

Looking for a brain boost next time you write an exam? The correct answer might be a supplement made from blueberries and grapes.

raspberries improve glucose and inflammation in diabetics

You hear lots about the health benefits of berries like blueberries, but the other berries often get neglected. Finally, some attention is being paid to the delicious raspberry. And the beneficiary of this good news is people with diabetes.

herbs more effective than drugs for Lyme disease

Maybe. It is possible that herbs offer a better answer than drugs to the rising problem of Lyme disease.

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