eating mushrooms prevents cancer

How can you lower your risk of cancer and make dinner more delicious all at the same time? Eat more mushrooms.

cinnamon, fennel and ginger all relieve the pain of dysmenorrhea, or painful periodsr

Most women suffer from painful periods. For many, the suffering can be severe. So, wouldn’t it be great if safe, drug free relief could be proven by science? It has!

eating fruits and vegetables lowers your risk of breast cancer

There’s no doubt that eating more fruits and vegetables is good for you. But would that change in diet be powerful enough to protect you from breast cancer?

black tea theaflavins and green tea are good for oral health, preventing gingivitis, periodontal disease and cavities

Stay calm and stop (dental) carrying on! Tea time can stop dental caries, or cavities. Though it’s not usually thought of as being good for your teeth, emerging research is proving tea to be a veritable dentist.

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ashwagandha may help cognition

This ancient herb from the Ayurvedic tradition of India has been showing all kinds of benefits for mental health in recent research. Research is now showing early hope that ashwagandha may also help with neurological conditions and cognition.

pomegranate juice protects your skin from damage from the sun

In vitro laboratory studies have suggested that pomegranate can protect your skin from damage from the sun. A new study supports that theory: pomegranate may be a delicious sun screen.

promising herbs for COVID-19 by Michael Murray, Linda Woolven and Ted Snider

Read the new article we coauthored with Michael Murray, one of the world's leading experts on natural health, in Vitamin Retailer. The article looks at some of the herbs with the most promising research for COVID-19.

dandelion is delicious and packed in nutrients

Every year, we eat our delicious dandelion greens!

tongkat ali increases testosterone

This exotic Malaysian herb has been shown to boost testosterone in older men. Now it’s been shown to give it a boost in young men too.

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