boswellia safely and effectively treats acute diarrhoea

Acute diarrhoea is a common game stopper and can even, especially in the developing world, be a tragic life stopper. A safe, natural treatment that really works would be a game changer.

capsaicin lowers cholesterol in people with metabolic syndrome

In some ways, metabolic syndrome is the disease of our times. It is diagnosed in the presence of any three of the following five symptoms: abdominal obesity, elevated triglycerides, low HDL cholesterol, high blood pressure and elevated blood glucose. There may be a spicy and effective way to help.

celery seed extract lowers blood pressure and cholesterol

You know it very well as a vegetable. But you may never have thought of it as a powerful healing herb. Though its long tradition as a blood pressure herb has attracted little attention, science is finally beginning to take note.

garlic slows progression of calcified atherosclerotic lesions and atherosclerosis

Garlic can do everything. It can even save your life. Taking garlic can hold back the progression of the leading cause of death.

arginine with vitamin C reduces severity of long-COVID

COVID can linger. Long-COVID is a set of dozens of symptoms that emerge within 3 months of getting COVID and last at least 2 months. Fatigue, shortness of breath and brain fog are among the more common symptoms. A safe, natural treatment would be hugely valuable to a lot of people. A new study suggests that there may be one.

dwarf elder cream as effective as hydrocortisone for eczema

Your skin is dry, itchy, red and inflamed. It’s thickened, cracked, sensitive and there are small, weepy blisters. Your one of the way too many people that is dealing with eczema.

echinacea helps treat anxiety

The best known immune herb may be the least known anxiety herb. But new research says echinacea may help anxiety.

vitamin D promotes healthy sperm in infertile men

Once known only for bones, vitamin D now seems to be involved in everything. Now there is yet another new use. Vitamin D may be crucial for male fertility.


This beautiful berry not only tastes good, it is good for your brain, and now a growing body of evidence is showing that it is good for your heart. Guess what berry it is.

lavender significantly improves anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression are on the rise, affecting a remarkable number of people. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could pleasantly sniff your troubles away? It sounds ridiculous, but maybe it’s not.

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