green tea helps fight COVID-19

Sound incredible? But it’s not impossible. Green tea could play its part in helping you to fight COVID.

cinnamon reduces frequency, severity and duration of migraine headaches

That cinnamon on your breakfast bun is full of surprises. Helping your migraines might be one of them.

cherries, lavender, saffron increase melatonin and improve sleep

Melatonin is one of nature’s best ways to help you fall asleep and have a better quality sleep. Here are three surprising, new ways to increase your melatonin naturally.

basil essential oil reduces pain and frequency of migraine headaches

Essential oils may turn out to be essential for getting rid of your migraine. Some you inhale and some you put in your nose. This one you just apply topically to your face. But what’s really topical is that it gets rid of your migraine.

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bacopa enhances memory, attention and cognition in healthy people

Bacopa is not a herb that has gotten the attention it deserves. This very promising herb has shown incredible results on cognition in healthy people. Bacopa makes you smarter.

saw palmetto berry treats chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome

Deservedly, saw palmetto berry is most famous for treating enlarged prostate in men. But it does more for men than that, as this new study reveals.

aloe vera prevents oral mucositis, or mouth sores, in kids on chemotherapy

Mouth sores are one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. They are painful and make it hard to eat and can seriously affect quality of life. When kids get them, it is especially unfair. Herbal help is here.

black seed (Nigella sativa) improves recovery and hospitalization from COVID-19

Several computer simulation studies have explained why this herb could help fight COVID. Now two human studies show that it really could.

fenugreek balances hormones and improves sexual problems in healthy, young, menstruating women

For women struggling with sexual problems, this simple herb may be the answer.

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