both lemon balm and a combination of vitamin E and ginseng increase sexual desire in women

Myth and lore are full of aphrodisiacs. So, it turns out, is science.

Tylenol reduces emotions, empathy and risk aversion

Current research on acetaminophen (Tylenol) is establishing the frightening fact that taking Tylenol has serious, and socially significant, effects on your brain and your personality.

dietary alpha-carotene and beta-carotene reduce the risk of diabetes

This is the time of year that the fields are full of pumpkins and squash. Pumpkins are for more than Hallowe’en. Here’s why you should feast on that jack o’lantern.

vitamin D deficiency increases risk of death from COVID-19 and supplementing vitamin D may improve recovery

Imagine if something as simple, safe and inexpensive as vitamin D could help fight COVID-19. We have written a lot about vitamin D and COVID-19. Now two new published studies add to the promise of this important vitamin.

diets rich in polyphenol flavonoids help depression

Mental health struggles are a leading contributor to poor quality of life. Nature offers many solutions, and researchers are finally starting to look into them more seriously.

curcumin has anti-inflammatory effect in people with chronic kidney disease

Perhaps no other herb has enjoyed as much research for as wide a variety of health benefits recently as curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric. Well, here’s another brand new use for the golden superstar.

okra powder improves blood sugar, insulin and cholesterol in diabetics

It’s important for diabetics to manage blood sugar and heart health. Here’s a new supplement that can help you do both.

pine bark extract reduces pain and severity of migraine headaches

If you’re in severe pain, your head is throbbing, you’re sick to your stomach and every light and every sound bothers you, you are one of the one billion people worldwide who suffers from migraine. You are also one of the one billion people who will be very glad to hear this . . . finally!

black sesame oil, turmeric and boswellia relieve pain as well as acetaminophen

This unusual study on pain relief just came out. And it may be good for a lot of people that it did. It has something totally new!

ivy improves cough in children

Over-the-counter cough and cold medicines offer no benefit, but considerable risk, for children under 6, and their use is not recommended. So, a safe, natural treatment would be a huge discovery.

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