dark chocolate improves vision

Want to satisfy your sense of taste and your sense of sight in one easy step? Guess what delicious food can improve your vision.

saffron helps depression and anxiety in teens with both

As if depression or anxiety is not enough to deal with, many people have to deal with both. But, the evidence is increasingly mounting that one herb may deal with both problems.

climate change increases antibiotic resistance

You know that global warming is bad for the health of our planet, but now we know an unexpected new way it is contributing to a crisis in our health.

vitamin D deceases weight and waist circumference

If you go to the search feature on our website, you’ll find over twenty uses of this common vitamin. But, you won’t find weight loss . . . until now!

rhodiola helps stress, anxiety, depression, burnout, energy, CFS, premature ejaculation

Here’s a herb that you probably still haven’t heard of. But you’re going to want to find out more when you hear what it can do: this herb has the amazing ability to relax you while energizing you at the same time!

walnuts benefit heart and intestinal bacteria

What is loaded in fat but is not fattening? What is delicious and really good for you? The answer is . . . .

pomegranate polyphenols help cognitive recovery after stroke

Is it possible that a simple supplement from a powerful fruit could help restore cognitive power after a stroke?

exercise and cardiovascular fitness reduce risk of dementia and Alzheimer's

You know that exercise is good for cardiovascular health. But new research is revealing an impressive link between cardiovascular exercise and keeping your brain young.

strawberry is healthy for heart, cognition, osteoarthrits and diabetes

Berries get a lot of attention for their health benefits. But, most of the spotlight goes to berries like blueberries and cranberries. We rarely hear about the health benefits of strawberries. But, that’s changing. Strawberries are sneaking into the spotlight.

ginkgo improves cognitive and behavioural symptoms of Alzheimer's and dementia

The other day, we wrote about bacopa, one of the most exciting new supplements for memory and Alzheimer’s. But the best, and best researched, herb for memory and Alzheimer’s is still Ginkgo biloba.

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