pine bark extract reduces pain and severity of migraine headaches

If you’re in severe pain, your head is throbbing, you’re sick to your stomach and every light and every sound bothers you, you are one of the one billion people worldwide who suffers from migraine. You are also one of the one billion people who will be very glad to hear this . . . finally!

black sesame oil, turmeric and boswellia relieve pain as well as acetaminophen

This unusual study on pain relief just came out. And it may be good for a lot of people that it did. It has something totally new!

ivy improves cough in children

Over-the-counter cough and cold medicines offer no benefit, but considerable risk, for children under 6, and their use is not recommended. So, a safe, natural treatment would be a huge discovery.

high dose IV vitamin C may help fight COVID-19

Way back in May in The Natural Path newsletter (Vol.23, No.8), we wrote about several studies that were underway on high dose intravenous vitamin C for COVID-19. Some of those studies have now been completed. At least two of them have been analyzed and written. But, so far, no medical journals have agreed to publish them. Why not? What did they find? Why are they secret?

blueberry improves cognition in middle age adults

Can the unassuming blueberry boost your brain and make you smarter? Could a brain boost be a blueberry away?

online cooking videos with Linda Woolven

Featuring Multiple Cookbook Author & Master Herbalist, Linda Woolven
Coauthor of The Natural Path

curcumin improves cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis is the late stage of scarring of the liver that can be caused by several diseases from alcoholism to hepatitis. Cirrhosis can make the liver struggle to function, and, in its advanced form, it can even be fatal.

Medical texts say that the liver damage of cirrhosis cannot usually be undone. But, maybe it can!

hibiscus and olive leaf lower blood pressure as well as capoptril

Several studies have shown that drugs don’t actually protect against heart disease in the over 80% of people whose blood pressure is mild to moderately high. So, finding herbs that really do help would be a huge benefit. Found them!

fenugreek, ginger, turmeric combination promotes breast milk

Herbs that encourage breast milk are called galactogogues from the ancient Greek words meaning to bring milk. A safe, effective galactagogue would be really good news for breastfeeding mothers.

carotenes promote healthy cognitive functioning as you age

If you want to keep your mind strong as you age, you should be eating more of this . . .

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