eating red and processed meat increases risk of coronary heart disease

Ischemic heart disease, which is also known as coronary heart disease or coronary artery disease, is the leading cause of death in the world. Getting meat out of your diet is an important way of getting yourself out of that statistic.

deficiency of vitamin D in breast milk can be corrected by the mother supplementing adequate vitamin D

Breast milk is nature’s perfect food for infants. Except one thing. For some reason, it is insufficient in vitamin D. So, what do you do? Simple!

omega-3 essential fatty acids reduce seizures in people with epilepsy

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that features recurrent seizures. The level of omega-3 essential fatty acids is much lower in people with epilepsy. So, could supplementing omega-3’s reduce the frequency of seizures?

flavonoids in the diet prevent Alzheimer's disease

Imagine if making simple changes to your diet—changes that taste good and are good for you anyway—could go a long way toward preventing Alzheimer’s. That would, literally, be food for thought!

andrographis improves fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis

There is little the pharmacy can do for the fatigue of MS. Yet fatigue is one of the most common and most disabling symptoms for people with MS. Most people with MS struggle with it with 55% identifying it as one of their worst symptoms and a third of them being seriously impaired by it. But there is a simple, safe, inexpensive herb that can really help.

saffron lowers blood pressure in diabetics

Recent research is proving that saffron is more than just a pretty flower and a delicious, colourful culinary herb. It is a powerful and versatile medicinal herb. But it may be even more versatile than we thought. New research is opening the possibility that saffron may be a valuable herb for diabetics.

quercetin shows promise as treatment for COVID in human studies

Based on in vitro and computer modelling studies, quercetin was one of the early, most promising nutrients for COVID. Finally, the first human studies are here. And the news just got better.

chromium, berberine, hesperidin combination improves metformin in type 2 diabetics

When the best diabetes drug just won’t do, adding this potent natural combination will!

garlic reduces inflammation

Modern research is increasingly identifying inflammation as an important contributor to several psychological and physical diseases. One of the reasons why garlic is such a valuable and versatile herb may turn out to be that it has the power to turn down inflammation.

Nigella sativa, or black seed, fights the inflammation and oxidative stress that is behind many diseases

More and more, research is exposing inflammation and free radical damage as the root causes of mental and physical illness. This increasingly exciting seed masters both.

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