strawberries improve blood sugar and cholesterol

You hear about the health benefits of cranberries. You hear about the health benefits of blueberries. But you never hear about the health benefits of strawberries. Delicious, but disrespected, it’s time to praise the health benefits of strawberries.

saffron helps insomnia in people with anxiety

An explosion of recent research is proving saffron to be a great herb for depression, anxiety and stress. The beautiful herb is now adding insomnia to its impressive list of relaxing and psychological benefits.

black cohosh improves cardiovascular health in menopausal women by improving flow-mediated dilation and endothelial function

Menopause can be a time of hot flashes, night sweats, palpitations, vaginal thinning and dryness. It can also be a time of depression and anxiety. A herb that helped all this, was better than hormones and helped your heart too would be great!

ashwagandha helps stress and anxiety

Rough day? Feeling stressed and anxious? You need to know about this herb that has been revered since ancient times and that modern science is getting more and more excited about.

Ashwagandha protects against neurological disorders including Parkinson's Alzheimer's Huntington's and anxiety

Neurological diseases affect the brain, nerves and spinal cord. This ancient herb might protect you from them.

saffron significantly reduces severity of stroke symptoms

When a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain, the brain is damaged, and you have an ischemic stroke. If you have an ischemic stroke, you may want to have this beautiful flower near by.

Vitamin D prevents COVID, keeps you out of the ICU and prevents death

Over 200 health scientists and medical experts have signed an open letter calling for “immediate widespread increased vitamin D intakes” to fight COVID ( The letter is endoresed in an introductory letter by former US Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona.

fennel is as good as drugs at relieving the pain of dysmenorrhea or painful periods

Surprisingly, this traditional herb recently emerged as a promising herb for menopause. Now we know it’s as good as drugs for painful periods!

grape seed extract improves cholesterol and cardiovascular risk factors in obese and overweight people

We often eat the fruit and throw away the seeds. If you’re overweight, this seed may be more valuable than the fruit that surrounds it. Even better, you can enjoy the fruit and take the seed in a pill.

Artemisia annua (wormwood) has antiviral activity against COVID virus

There is a long and strange history of antimalarial drugs and pandemics. Could the antimalarial herb wormwood add to that history during the COVID pandemic?

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