Mediterranean diet prevents Parkinson's disease

More and more, diet is being recognized for the role it may play in Parkinson’s disease. The healthy Mediterranean diet may protect against neurodegeneration. Could it protect against Parkinson’s? It could!

psyllium lowers blood sugar in people with diabetes and prediabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic conditions in the world. 9.3% of Americans and 6.5% of Canadians suffer from diabetes: that’s 31 million people. And, though you are often told otherwise, there is little that the medical approach can do about it. But there may be something simple and natural you can do about it.

fennel essential oil and curcumin improve irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is becoming an epidemic in our culture. So many people have it, and there is little that conventional medicine can do to help control it. Fortunately, natural help is on the way.

flu vaccine offers little or no protection from flu and may increase risk of coronaviruses

The government and the media are constantly bombarding us with the message to get the flu shot: especially now to prevent a "twindemic." They constantly claim that it is the best way to protect against the flu, but they never offer any studies in evidence; they always label criticism of the flu shot "disinformation" despite the plethora of studies offered in evidence. So, look at the evidence, and decide for yourself. But, listen to the science, not the media.

vitamin D deficiency associated with COVID-19

Several recent published studies have provided a great deal of promise and evidence for a role for vitamin D in fighting COVID. Now one more study piles on to the promise. Perhaps it’s time we started paying attention.

ginger is better than antihistamine loratadine for hay fever

Ginger is most famous for fighting nausea. But it has many other less celebrated uses. And it may be your answer to hay fever.

rhodiola helps cognition, attention and mental speed

This little discussed, exotic herb can relax you and energize you at the same time. It may also be able to make you smarter!

COVID remdesivir vitamin C and kids

Three very important COVID studies were recently published that deserve a lot more attention than they got.

lycopene prevents osteoporosis and hip fracture

A powerful antioxidant better known for fighting cancer may also be powerful for fighting osteoporosis.

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