whole grains prevent diabetes

Is it a new drug? Is it a complicated new fad diet? Nope. It’s old, it’s obvious, it’s natural and it’s proven.

antioxidants help you live a long healthy life

The goal is not just to live longer, but to live longer and stay healthy and feeling good. Here’s a simple way to work on it.

potassium prevents strokes in postmenopausal women

Women who get the most of this, have the least of this: Stroke!

antiinflammatory vegetarian diet reduces risk of death from cardiovascular disease cancer and any cause

Lots of trendy diets claim to be the healthiest diet. But the science consistently backs only one. This is the only real healthiest diet.

aspirin does not prevent heart attack or stroke

Low dose aspirin is often recommended for the prevention of heart attack. But, is that routine advice good advice?

natural help for preeclempsia

A new study has found that high dose folic acid does not help prevent preeclempsia. But, though it has a number of huge benefits for pregnant women, folic acid never played a huge role in the natural prevention of preeclempsia. A  number of natural things do, though. Here’s what we had to say recently in The Natural Path about the traditional and proven aids for preventing preeclempsia.

olive oil and Mediterranean diet reduce risk of erectile dysfunction

Viagra is the medical answer to erectile dysfunction. But it doesn't solve the underlying issues and has many serious side effects. Nature provides a better answer. And the answer will surprise you.

ginger oil massage relieves osteoarthritis pain

Are you suffering through the pain of osteoarthritis? Then try this spicy type of message!

low carb diet shortens lifespan

Are you losing pounds off your weight or years off your life?

dark chocolate helps fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis

The best—and cruelest—kept secret about Multiple Sclerosis is that diet really helps. And now it turns out that the most delicious possible addition to your diet adds even more help.

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