flaxseed oil reduces free radical damage and increases total antioxidant capacity

When the forces of free radicals in your body are too strong for your antioxidant system, several serious chronic illnesses can result. Flaxseed oil can help restore the balance.

palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and luteolin help people who had COVID recover their sense of smell

One of the main symptoms of COVID is loss of the senses of smell or taste. About 30% of people who have had COVID continue to experience the loss as a long term consequence of the virus. A small study has now found that there may be a natural solution.

Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) and lipoic acid may help calm cytokine storm of COVID-19

People whose COVID symptoms become severe often experience a cytokine storm, an exaggerated inflammatory immune response. This out of control inflammatory immune response may be what leads to the acute respiratory distress syndrome and multiple organ failure that comes with severe COVID. Two lesser known, but powerful, nutrients may help.

spirulina improves sleep, stress and quality of life in people with colitis

Ulcerative colitis is a common and painful inflammatory bowel disease. A safe, inexpensive, effective way of improving life would be worth its weight in . . . green!

eating dark chocolate improves your mood

Eating chocolate doesn’t just make you happy because it’s delicious, it actually improves your mood.

melatonin improves symptoms and recovery time of COVID

Melatonin was identified early on as a promising treatment for COVID, but there was reluctance to follow up on the promise. Now the promise and the evidence has grown, but we still don’t hear anything about melatonin for COVID.

acetaminophen (Tylenol) during pregnancy increases your baby's risk of ADHD, autism and reproductive disorders

Taking Tylenol while pregnant could alter fetal development in a way that could increase the risk of some neurodevelopmental disorders in the baby.

ginseng keeps women young, improves mitochondrial function, antioxidant capacity and energy

You can’t live forever. But every little bit helps. One of those little bits is ginseng, an ancient herb that should know a thing or two about aging.

passionflower improves insomnia and helps you sleep

Do you long for a good night sleep? Are you one of the billions of people who suffer from insomnia (literally: various studies place insomnia at 10-60% of the worldwide population!)? If you have a passion for sleep, you should meet passionflower.

green tea helps fight COVID-19

Sound incredible? But it’s not impossible. Green tea could play its part in helping you to fight COVID.

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