black seed and its active ingredient, thymoquinone, may be especially beneficial for people with COVID and cancer

We have previously talked about perhaps the most important study yet of a herb for COVID. That study found that black seed has real promise for treating COVID. Now there may be even more promise.

Mediterranean diet improves cognition in old age

A new study of people in their seventies shows that you can build better cognitive health in old age by eating a better—and delicious—diet.

pelargonium sidoides safe and effective for children with bronchitis and acute respiratory tract infections

Still little known in North America, this South African herb is safe and effective for treating acute respiratory tract infections in kids.

adding rhodiola significantly improves antidepressant effect of sertraline (Zoloft)

This herb already has a host of benefits for your brain and mood. But if you are on antidepressants, you may also want to know about this herb. It may make you feel a lot better.

saffron helps people with subclinical depression, stress and low mood

This remarkable herb helps improve your mood and depression even when you didn’t know you needed help improving your mood and depression.

hibiscus lowers blood pressure and blood sugar

This beautiful flower that may be growing in your backyard may be more powerful than drugs for your blood pressure. Now we know it can help your blood sugar levels too. But still, no one talks about this valuable herb. What does a flower have to do?

calendula cream effective for vaginal candidiasis yeast infection

Vaginal candidiasis is a common candida yeast infection that can be really irritating. The drugs for treating it can have side effects. What if a herb could treat it without side effects?

curcumin improves digestive symptoms and anxiety in people with digestive problems

These are certainly times of stress. And stress is no good for you, your mind or your tummy. Stress affects your digestive system, leading to all kinds of digestive problems. There’s a safe, powerful herb that can fix your stress and your tummy all at once.

saffron is as effective as and safer than drugs for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Sometimes thoughts and memories and fears can be too painful to face. Sometimes, when we can’t face these obsessive thoughts, we develop compulsive behaviours to distract ourselves from the thoughts or to relieve ourselves of the stress from these thoughts. These obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours can cause significant suffering and interfere with our lives. There is a beautiful purple flower that could help.

vitamin D deficiency associated with infection, severity and death in COVID-19

The mountain of evidence is becoming overwhelming. This crucial, new study looks at blood levels of vitamin D and asks if they correlate with infection, severity and death in COVID-19. They do!

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