fruits and vegetables fight depression and make you happy

The connection between diet and the health of your body is well established and uncontroversial. But what about the effect of diet on the health of your mind? An expanding body of research is building the case that certain dietary patterns can make you happy.

fennel cream helps sexual dysfunction and vaginal atrophy of menopause

Though hot flashes get all the media buzz, they are far from the only annoying symptom of menopause. Women suffer from many menopausal symptoms, including vaginal atrophy and the sexual dysfunction that comes with it. Well, this herbal cream can help.

probiotics help depression and anxiety

Sometimes huge help comes from the smallest, most unexpected places, as this new microscopic help for depression and anxiety shows.

probiotics reduce risk of postoperative infection

The last thing you want after having surgery is to have to stay in the hospital because got a postoperative infection. So, try this safe and simple solution.

pine bark extract prevents free radical damage from exercise

Workouts are hard on your body, so your body could always use help. Here’s help!

boswellia and bromelain combination helps osteoarthritis

This herb is famous for the role it plays in the Christmas story. You might also want to know about it if you have osteoarthritis.


Conventional treatment of breast cancer still relies on chemotherapy. But chemotherapy is harsh on your body, and its toxicity is the primary reason for women withdrawing from treatment. What if a common kitchen herb could help stop those side effects?

dried fruit protects against cancer

Fruit gets a lot of attention from health researchers. But dried fruit gets sadly neglected. Does dried fruit protect you from cancer like its fresh cousins, or is the dried up version bad for you?

milk does not prevent osteoporosis

CBC’s Marketplace ran an article defending drinking milk that read more like a commercial promoting milk than responsible journalism. For a report that claimed to spend “months analyzing nutrition studies,” it seemed to analyze none of the studies on milk.

blueberry improves memory and cognition in children and adults

Could a simple blueberry boost your child’s brain? If you want smarter kids, check this out.

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