Gymnema sylvestre improves insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control and potentially reverses prediabetes

Prediabetes can mature into full blown diabetes, and it carries an increased risk for heart attack and stroke. Finding a safe, effective way to stop it would be huge.

adequate levels of vitamin D provide significant protection against serious illness and death from COVID

A new Israeli study points to a highly effective way to prevent serious disease and death from COVID. And, yes, it starts with a V.

boswelia and gotu kola help back pain from compressed discs

When your intervertebral discs compress, you get friction and compression on the nerves. And that hurts! There are a couple of herbs that can help.

flavonoids reduce the risk dying with Parkinson's

Recent research has begun to suggest that what you eat can affect your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Now it is beginning to suggest that it can even affect your chances of living longer if you have it.

selenium treats depression and prevents postpartum depression

It’s very weird. But your levels of this nutrient have nothing to do with suffering from depression or with how bad your depression is. But taking it treats your depression. Want to see what nutrient is not an antidepressant but is very effective as an antidepressant?

spinach extract improves muscle strength and quality

Faced with danger, Popeye would pull out his spinach and watch his muscles grow. You can too! But just do the spinach; skip the danger.

combination of omega-3 essential fatty acids and Korean red ginseng helps kids with subthreshold ADHD

ADHD has become incredibly well known. What may be less well known is that kids can struggle even when their diagnosis falls short of full blown ADHD. For these kids that may fall through the crack, it’s nature to the rescue.

vitamin D reduces risk of preterm birth

Preterm births, or births that occur before 37 weeks affect as many as 10% of all pregnancies. They can lead to complications and can be serious. A simple vitamin solution could be game changing.

curcumin improves inflammation and quality of life in colorectal cancer patients on chemotherapy

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer. Curcumin is one of the most powerful natural anticancer supplements. What happens when colorectal cancer meets curcumin?

Ginkgo biloba improves memory and cognition in amnestic mild cognitive impairment

A full 42% of seniors are affected by mild cognitive impairment (MCI), a decline in cognition that affects memory and thinking but is not extreme enough to cause the catastrophic problems of Alzheimer’s Disease. There is no drug that can help. But there is a herb.

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