CoQ10 improves creatinine levels and kidney disease

Chronic Kidney Disease is strongly associated with having to be hospitalized and with dying from any cause. It also seriously increases your chances of cardiovascular disease. Could there be a safe, simple and inexpensive answer your doctor just doesn't know about?

chocolate may help you live longer by preserving telomere length

Tons of recent research has proven that dark chocolate is good for your heart and your blood sugar. New research is showing that it may prevent aging and lengthen lifespan!

curcumin better than NSAID diclofenac Voltaren for osteoarthritis

90% of people over 40 have some degree of osteoarthritis. For some, it can be quite debilitating. But pharmaceutical solutions like aspirin and other NSAIDs actually erode the substances around the joints. Wouldn’t it be great to have a natural solution that eased the pain safely?

white meat is as bad as red meat for cholesterol and cardiovascular disease

For lowering cholesterol and protecting from cardiovascular disease, the conventional wisdom in some circles has been to reduce your intake of red meat. But the scientific wisdom is to reduce your intake of all meat, red and white.

olive leaf extract benefits blood pressure, cholesterol, osteoporosis and immunity

You know all about olives, and you know all about olive oil. Now, it’s time to meet the leaf. Did you know that there is more of olive’s healthy ingredients in the leaf than in the fruit or oil?

nettle and acupuncture help hot flashes of menopause

Help for hot flashes is always welcome. So, say welcome to this new herb.

meta-analysis shows soy lowers cholesterol

In the U.S., the FDA is considering revoking soy protein’s official claim to lower cholesterol. While America questions soy’s heart healthy powers, Canada provides the answer.

saw palmetto berry better than drugs for enlarged prostate

As if there was ever any doubt, a massive new systematic review and meta-analysis confirms what we already knew. When it comes to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), or the enlarged prostate that is so annoying and common in older men, the herb saw palmetto berry is better than the best drugs the pharmacy has to offer.

artificially sweetened soft drinks increase risk of diabetes

Since drinking sugary drinks can lead to diabetes, you’d think the claims that artificially sweetened sugar free drinks don’t contribute to diabetes could be believed. But can they?

low dose aspirin for preventing heart disease increases risk of bleeding into your brain

Routine medical advice used to be to take low dose aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease. It isn’t any more. And now there’s even more clarity as to why. Low dose aspirin increases the risk of bleeding into your brain.

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