pomegranate supplement improves symptoms of menopause and quality of life

Traditional Persian medicine has long used pomegranate to help women coping with the symptoms of menopause. Now a newly published study lends modern scientific support to that idea.

lemon verbena and hibiscus help you suppress appetite and lose weight

Here are two new herbs that, when taken together, may help you to diet successfully.

chocolate pomegranate combination increases testosterone, muscle and strength

New research has found that this delicious sounding herbal supplement can safely increase testosterone and build muscle.

melatonin may help insomnia and COVID and is growing in popularity

Several Canadian media outlets, including CTV on February 1 and CBC on February 17 have launched assaults on the natural sleep remedy.

high fiber diets lower risk of dementia

What if what you eat now could help prevent you from developing dementia later? You’d do it, right? Do what? This new study will tell you.

N-Acetyl-cysteine (NAC) prevents death from COVID

It has long been suggested that N-Acetyl-cysteine (NAC) might be beneficial for COVID. What may be the first study has now been published to test this suggestion. And the answer is . . . .

eating tomato increases melatonin and helps you sleep

Melatonin is one of nature’s best ways to help you fall asleep and have a better quality sleep. But there’s more than one way to get your melatonin, and this one will really surprise you.

tea tree oil more effective than alcohol as antimicrobial hand wash

Proper hand washing and hygiene is an important part of preventing infection. But what is the best antimicrobial to use? The answer might surprise you.

mulberry improves memory and attention

This strange and little discussed herb has now been shown to enhance memory and attention. And, if you think you’ve seen it before, maybe you saw it on Mulberry Street!

lavender tea improves depression and anxiety in seniors

There are few things in nature more beautiful and calming than a purple field of lavender flowers. When you make a tea out of those flowers, they may beautifully calm your anxiety and brighten your depression.

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