gymnema improves weight, BMI and cholesterol in metabolic syndrome

People with metabolic syndrome are at increased risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Weight loss could be crucial for this group of people, and there may be a herb that can do it.

Mediterranean diet and lifestyle halves the risk of depression

Much has been written about the Mediterranean diet and health. Less has been written about Mediterranean diets and emotional health. New research has gone beyond just diet to explore how a Mediterranean lifestyle might make us happier.

saffron helps depression and anxiety in teenagers

One of the most exciting new herbs might be the answer for you whether you suffer from anxiety or depression.

eating dates while pregnant leads to easier, faster labout

Dates are delicious, but they’re not just a delicious, healthy snack. They have a very ancient reputation for helping childbirth that, it turns out, just may be true.

cherries for antioxidant, inflammation, arthritis, insomnia, exercise, blood pressure, diabetes

One of the foods we have taken a special interest in at The Natural Path is the cherry. But it turns out it’s not so simple. It’s better!

modified citrus pectin slows prostate cancer progression

Here’s a supplement you hear very little about, but you may be hearing more.

inositol lowers triglycerides and cholesterol

This little known B vitamin just might solve your cholesterol problem.

replacing refined carbs with carbs from lentils lowers blood sugar

The only confusion in the world of popular nutrition as big as the bad fat confusion is the bad carb confusion. There are saturated fats and unsaturated fats, and there are refined carbs and unrefined carbs. Does the kind of carb you eat make a difference?

B6 prevents nausea, headache, depression side effects of birth control pill

The birth control pill can cause a number of side effects. This safe, simple vitamin can help a number of them.

vitamin D increases muscle and  grip strength in girls

This simple vitamin can build muscle in girls and maintain healthy muscle development.

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