study that finds eating meat bad for cancer, heart disease, diabetes recommends eating meat

A new study has recommended that people continue to eat red meat and processed red meat in the same quantity they always have. But, that flies in the face of a huge body of current scientific evidence. So, what happened?

garlic and onion prevent breast cancer

Studies have found that garlic and onions can help prevent cancers of the prostate, lung and stomach. Some research has also shown they can prevent breast cancer. But you should see what Puerto Rican cooking can add to your good luck.

coffee reduces risk of gallstones

It has long been suspected that drinking coffee can prevent gallstones. Now new research proves it.

tea improves brain structure

Drinking tea doesn’t just make you smarter, it reorganizes and tunes up your brain.

eating dark chocolate reduces depression

You know it makes you happy to eat chocolate. But, it’s more than just the luxurious treat. Want to know what that chocolate’s really doing to your brain?

mushrooms prevent prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and the fifth leading cause of cancer death (CA Cancer J Clin 2018;68:394–424). If you knew there was an inexpensive, delicious food you could add to your diet that would lower those numbers, wouldn’t you do it?

curcumin fights obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease by raising adiponectin

Curcumin may be one of the most versatile and valuable supplements of them all. It seems to do everything, and now we know why.

drinking water with flouride while pregnant lowers your child's IQ

The fluoride that your drinking that is added to your tap water to prevent tooth decay may be causing your brain to decay.

cilantro has anticonvulsant properties for epileptics

This discovery is strange and new. But it might reveal important help even for people who are resistant to pharmaceutical anticonvulsants.

flavonoids prevent death from cancer and cardiovascular disease

Millions of people die each year from all causes, including cancer and heart disease, because they don’t get enough fruit and vegetables in their diet. The flavonoids in fruits and vegetables fight many of the causes of these deaths. So, could getting more flavonoids in your diet help to save your life?

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