chamomile essential oil improves satisfaction with birthing experience

Giving birth is difficult, and anything safe that can help is welcome to mothers. So, this beautiful essential oil should be very welcome.

garlic reduces risk of cold

This safe, simple, inexpensive supplement has tons of benefits, including fighting heart disease, cancer and diabetes. As an added bonus, it will help prevent you from catching a cold.

garlic lowers blood pressure in people with high blood pressure

Your blood pressure and vampires don’t have a lot in common, but they do have this!

ginger reduces postoperative nausea and vomiting

As many of you know from personal experience that is all too distressing and unpleasant, suffering from nausea after surgery is a common problem. A common herb is a powerful solution to that common problem.

flu shot ineffective for children, adults, pregnant women and seniors

The government and the media are constantly bombarding us with the message to get the flu shot. They constantly claim that it is the best way to proptect against the flu, but they never offer any studies in evidence; they always label criticism of the flu shot "disinformation" despite the plethora of studies offered in evidence. So, look at the evidence, and decide for yourself. But, listen to the science, not the media.

saffron suppresses appetite and improves weight loss and cholesterol

Obesity is a risk factor for coronary artery disease. This beautiful herb can help you supress appetite, lose weight and improve your cholesterol levels.

essential oils more effective than antibiotics for killing bacteria that causes Lyme disease

Ticks freak us out! They’re terrible little creatures that latch on and regurgitate bacteria that can cause Lyme disease into your blood. These ticks are becoming a bigger and bigger problem for both you and your dog, and, so, the number of cases of Lyme disease is on the rise. What can you do?

switch from meat to vegetarian feeds more people and produces less greenhouse gasses

The population continues to grow, but the land available for food doesn’t. Greenhouse gasses continue to drive global warming. If we are to fix these problems on time, we have to change the way we eat.

eating nuts improves sperm count and quality

Semen quality and count has been plummeting over the past several years, and low sperm count is an important cause of male infertility. The solution could be a simple, effortless change in diet.

zinc combined with chocolate polyphenols prevents aging

This discovery is brand new! If you add this mineral to this delicacy, you get the fountain of youth (really)!

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