gluten free kale quinoa broccoli sprout tabouleh

If you love tabouleh, and you can't eat gluten, this is the tabouleh for you; if you love tabouleh, and you can eat gluten, this is the tabouleh for you.

Linda made this tabouleh last night, and it was not only the healthiest tabouleh I ever had but, by far, the most delicious.

Are you celiac or gluten intolerant? Never fear! This super healthy tabouleh replaces the cracked wheat known as bulgar with superfood quinoa. Originating in Peru, though it works in cooking like a grain, quinoa is really a seed. Quinoa is loaded in protein and other nutrients but totally devoid of gluten.

This tabouleh features three superfoods. In addition to quinoa, the green in this tabouleh is kale. This super dark green leafy cruciferous vegetable is a nutrition and health superstar that prevents cancer while vitalizing your body. As a delicious bonus, Linda's new quinoa also features broccoli sprouts. Like kale, broccoli is a cancer fighting cruciferous vegetable. But, here's the cool part: brocolli sprouts pack ten times the nutritional health punch of mature broccoli, and they're fresh and delicious!

So, if you've been missing the fresh, delicious taste of tabouleh because you've been avoiding gluten, or if you just want to try the best tasting tabouleh you've tasted, this kale, quinoa, broccoli sprout tabouleh is the tabouleh you've been waiting for.

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