shiitake mushroom soup for cancer, blood pressure, cholesterol and immunity

Eating healthy should also be a celebration of delicious food. Well, this recipe is the best of both.

Shiitake mushrooms have two things going for them: they're one of the top anticancer foods in the world, and they're a dilicacy. You don't know how delicious mushrooms are until you eat shiitake mushrooms.

This silky, rich soup is loaded in shiitake mushrooms. But that's not all cancer has to watch out for. It's also loaded in cancer fighting garlic and carotene rich carrots. Garlic is another food that is both delicious and powerful: garlic is active against several types of cancer. 

But, it's not just cancer this soup will fight. The shiitake, garlic and celery are all good for your blood pressure too. They'll also help your cholesterol. And the shiitake mushrooms and garlic pack a powerful punch for immunity.

This is one of the tastiest, healthiest soups you'll ever love!

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