Jaimaican pumpkin and kidney bean dish with rice and tomato

Ever wonder what to do with pumpkin? Welcome to the Caribbean!

One of the thrills of Caribbean travel is all the beautiful things they do with pumpkin and squash in their cooking. Colourful and flavourful, these dishes are bursting with vibrant, healthy taste.

In North America, pumpkin is brought out for Hallowe'en and then left on the road side. What a waste! Pumpkin is delicious and incredibly healthy. We never let these Jack-o-lanterns get wasted!

Pumpkins are loaded in the antioxidants vitamin C and, especially, carotenes. And don't forget to put those seeds you scoop out to good use: they are rich in zinc and healthy fats and are good for everything from your prostate to a full head of hair. 

The kidney beans add protein and fiber and the tomato packs a ton of a crucial carotene called lycopene. Put it all together, and this rich, delicious Jamaican delicacy is as healthy as it is delicious!

Linda's latest cookbook, the All-New Vegetarian Passport has a whole section of Latin American and Caribbean recipes,including at least seven recipe ideas for getting delicious, health giving pumpkin in your diet.