It's got to be healthy. It's got to be delicious. And it's got to hold together. Here it is: the perfect veggie burger! 

This vegan oat and seed veggie burger is the perfect veggie burger.

It's healthy. It's loaded in nutrient dense seeds and cholesterol lowering oats. It's totally vegan and appropriate for most gluten free diets, since most people with celiac can eat moderate amounts of oats if the oats is uncontaminated (that tip is explored further in my cookbook, The All-New Vegetarian Passport).

It's unbelievably delicious: the perfect taste and the perfect texture. And, best of all for a vegan burger, it holds together.

You can eat this veggie burger on a bun, or, better yet, because it's so tasty, it stands up on its own: try it bunless. Eat them plain or add a little mustard and chopped up pickle.

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