gluten free cauliflower crust mushroom and bean pie

The pie crust's made of cauliflower! You won't believe how good it tastes! Gluten free, super healthy, and impossibly delicious!

This beautiful presenting, delicious pie is gluten free and cancer crushing!

The crust is made of cauliflower, oregano and garlic with a bit of Swiss cheese. Cauliflower crust is a great way of hiding a cancer fighting cruciferous vegetable in your dinner. And the garlic is great for cancer and for your heart.

The pie filling is a delicious blend of mushrooms--which, depending on which type you pick, can also fight cancer--and antioxidant rich yellow peppers and a little tomato sauce. The romano beans add protein and fiber and a rich taste. A little cheese hold the flavours together and enhances the texture of this beautiful, easy to make pie.


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