boswellia and bromelain combination helps osteoarthritis

This herb is famous for the role it plays in the Christmas story. You might also want to know about it if you have osteoarthritis.

When the wisemen bring the gift of frankincense, they are bringing the herb boswellia. Why was boswellia so valuable? Because it is a powerful herbal medicine, especially for inflammatory conditions. Boswellia is a gift for asthmatics. And it is a gift for people with arthritis.

Boswellia has been shown to powerfully help people suffering from osteoarthritis before (Phytomed 2003;10:3-7). And it has been shown to help beat up knees whose pain is not the result of arthritis.

Bromelain is one of the best anti-inflammatories in the world. So, what would happen if you had osteoarthritis, and you took a combination of Boswellia and bromelain? You’d get better!

Forty-nine people with osteoarthritis in various places took the combination for 1-6 months. They experienced a significant improvement in seven out of ten questions on a Quality of Life questionnaire. There was also significant improvement in overall quality of life. The worse you were at the beginning of the study, the more the treatment helped. It didn’t matter if the arthritis was in the knee, the hip or if it was generalized, the boswellia and bromelain helped.

There were no adverse events and no drug interactions. So, the supplements were as safe as they were effective.

This study, especially in the context of previous research on boswellia and bromelain, is really exciting and awaits a controlled study to confirm it.

J Altern Complement Med 2019;doi: 10.1089/acm.2019.0258

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