vegetarian diet has huge impact on global warming

What’s the most effective way for you to have an impact on global warming? The answer might surprise you!

If you are able to change just a few things in your lifestyle to improve the environment, which are the moves that would have the greatest impact on climate change? Researchers at the University of British Columbia asked exactly that question, and the answer they discovered might surprise you. It’s not recycling, and it’s not changing your lightbulb: although those are important too.

They found that eating a plant-based diet was one of the four most “widely applicable high-impact (i.e. low emissions) actions with the potential to contribute to systemic change and substantially reduce annual personal emissions.”

The other three are having one fewer child, living car free and avoiding airplane travel. For many people, of the four, going vegetarian is the most doable.

Though these four are the highest impact changes, the researchers found that they are no where near the ones most talked about or promoted.

This is the second time this month (November 2017) that experts have recommended switching to a plant based diet as one of the most effective lifestyle changes for reducing greenhouse gasses and global warming and for saving the environment.

Environmental Research Letters 2017;12(7)

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