antioxidants help you live a long healthy life

The goal is not just to live longer, but to live longer and stay healthy and feeling good. Here’s a simple way to work on it.

3,966 healthy people with an average age of 65.3 years were given either a placebo or an antioxidant combination of 120mg of vitamin C, 6 mg of β-carotene, 30mg of vitamin E, 100mcg of selenium and 20mg of zinc. They were then followed for about 5 years to see how the antioxidants affected chronic diseases and mental and physical functioning.

Men who took the antioxidant supplement were 16% more likely to age healthy. For some reason, the benefit did not extend to women. The researchers suggested that the women in the study may have had higher antioxidant status than men to begin with. Both men and women did have a better chance of healthy aging on the antioxidant supplement when they were low on vitamin C. Men who had low zinc levels or who ate less than 5 servings of fruits or vegetables a day also aged more healthily on the antioxidant supplement.

One of the major theories of aging is the free radical theory of aging. This study adds to the evidence that quenching free radicals by getting lots of antioxidants from fruits and vegetables and by taking antioxidant supplements can help you to live a long, healthy life.

Am J Epidemiol 2015;182(8):694-704

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