eating mushrooms prevents cancer

How can you lower your risk of cancer and make dinner more delicious all at the same time? Eat more mushrooms.

Some of the most promising cancer fighters are mushrooms. The most exciting may be shiitake and maitake mushrooms. But it turns out that eating any kind of mushroom can lower your odds of getting cancer.

A new systematic review and meta-analysis included 17 studies that looked at mushroom consumption and risk of cancer. People who ate the most mushrooms had a 34% lower risk of having any type of cancer than people who ate the least. For breast cancer, the risk was lowered by 35%; for non breast cancer by 20%. The benefit for breast cancer was significant. The benefit for other cancers did not reach statistical significance perhaps, the researchers say, because of the small number of studies that looked at other types of cancer.

But men, before you throw your mushrooms in the compost, recent research has also shown that eating more mushrooms lowers your risk of prostate cancer.

This study provides hope that something as simple and delicious as eating mushrooms may protect against cancer.

Advances in Nutrition 2021;nmab015

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