lemon verbena and hibiscus help you suppress appetite and lose weight

Here are two new herbs that, when taken together, may help you to diet successfully.

Lemon verbena and hibiscus are not two herbs that you hear about every day for weight loss. But a new study may change that.

The double-blind study gave 33 overweight people either a placebo or 325mg of lemon verbena and 125mg of hibiscus extracts before breakfast for 60 days.

The people taking the herbs has significantly lower appetite and feeling of fullness than the ones taking the placebo, leading them to consume significantly fewer calories. The lemon verbena and hibiscus combination led to improved body composition, including reduced fat mass.

This new study suggests that these two healthy herbs can help you to attain your healthy weigh.

Eur J Nutr  2022;61:825–841

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