Erectile dysfunction is a disturbingly common problem. And it's getting more and more common. A quarter of all men over the age of fifty suffer from ED, and an incredible 52% of men over the age of forty are at least partially affected by it. For diabetics, the problem is even more pervasive: 35%-90% of diabetic men suffer from ED.

As you can see in the chapter on ED in our book, Sex & Fertility: Natural Solutions, there are many well studied and effective natural treatments for ED. And now, new research has identified a novel topical herbal treatment for ED. It is the first natural topical treatment we have seen. . . .

Saffron is known as the expensive herb that lends the yellow colour to Spanish rice. But it is turning out to have all kinds of important health benefits. And now, it turns out, ED is one of them.

A one month double-blind, placebo-controlled study asked fifty diabetic men with ED to use a topical gel made of the herb saffron or a placebo gel. According to the well accepted International Index of Erectile Function scale, the saffron gel significantly improved their ED compared to the placebo.

This study introduces saffron gel as a possible treatment for ED in men whose problem is caused by diabetes.

J Evid Based Complementary Altern Med 2015 [epub ahead of print] May 6.pii:2156587215583756

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Please tell me where I can purchase: topical saffron gel for diabetic erectile dysfunction

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Can you tell me if any side effects from saffron

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Do you know maximum daily dosage of saffron for OCD / schizophrenia? .....that you Ralph C?

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