Here's something totally new and unexpected. Tomato juice helps menopause. What's more, it also helps blood fats. That's a new use of tomato juice and a new option for menopausal women. . . .

The study included ninety-three menopausal women. Forty-one were premenopausal, seventeen were perimenopausal, twenty-eight were postmenopausal and seven had their menopause medically or surgically induced. The women drank 200ml of unsalted tomato juice two times a day for eight weeks.

At both four weeks and eight weeks, the tomato juice significantly decreased scores on the Menopause Symptom Scale (MSS). The MSS measures hot flashes, sweating, chills, heartbeat, headache, fatigue, aching joints or muscles, depression, insomnia, and irritability. The tomato juice also significantly improved scores on the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale (HADS), showing that tomato juice helps both the physical and psychological symptoms of menopause.

The tomato juice also significantly lowered triglycerides and had a beneficial effect on heart rate. These effects are important because menopause may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. The tomato juice also significantly increased resting energy expenditure, the rate at which the resting body continues to burn calories.

Though not a controlled study, this study provides the surprising suggestion that tomato juice may be a very safe and affordable way of improving several of the aspects of menopause.

Nutr J 2015;14:34



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