ashwagandha helps protect you from COVID-19

Even in a high risk situation, this herb safely protects you from COVID-19.

Ashwagandha is a remarkable herb. A true adaptogen, it has many uses, as typing ashwagandha in the search box will show you. It helps everything from arthritis and building muscle to sexual health, stress, psychological health and insomnia. But who foresaw that it could help prevent COVID?

This 16 week, unblinded study looked at health care workers who were in a high risk setting. It wanted to see which was better at protecting them from getting COVID, hydroxychloroquine or ashwagandha.

An interim analysis looked at 160 of them at the 8 week mark. While 3 people in the hydroxychloroquine group caught COVID, only 1 in the ashwagandha group did. 3.7% of the hydroxychloroquine group experienced symptomatic COVID, compared to only 1.3% of the ashwagandha group. Fewer people in the herb group than in the drug group experienced side effects from the treatment.

The dose of ashwagandha was 250mg of extract taken twice a day.

This study offers the first suggestion that ashwagandha is both safer and more effective than hydroxychloroquine at preventing both symptomatic and asymptomatic COVID. Though the study was unblinded, ashwagandha is safe and inexpensive, and the discovery that taking it helps protect you from COVID could be an important one.

Complement Ther Med. 2021 Nov;62:102768

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