probiotics prevent and treat respiratory tract and other viral infections

There are more of them in you than there is you in you. And they have an incredible ability to support your immune system and fight off viruses.

There are nine times as many bacteria living in your digestive tract than there are human cells. So, it’s true: there are more of them in you than you. But not all bacteria are bad; though that’s the way we usually think of them. The probiotic bacteria are good: they don’t cause disease; they fight disease.

A new review of the available literature has now evaluated the effect of probiotics against the most common viral infections. It looked especially at respiratory tract infections but also at viral digestive and other infections.

One important study included in the review was a meta-analysis of over 8,000 preterm infants that discovered that probiotics reduce mortality from respiratory infections (Neonatology 2017; 112(1):9-23).

Overall, the review concluded that “Recently published studies show the beneficial effects of using various probiotics to treat different diseases caused by viruses.” It added that “Given the results obtained, probiotics can be an alternative for the prevention and treatment of many viral diseases that cause so many deaths around the world each year….”

Bad news for viruses; very good news for probiotics!

Foods 2021 Jan; 10(1): 130

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