olive leaf extract helps treat COVID and shortens hospitalization and

For people who were hospitalized with COVID, this safe, inexpensive herb made them better and got them home faster.

Several herbs, vitamins and other natural supplements have now been shown to help prevent and treat COVID. A just published study is the first to add olive leaf extract to the list.

Though olives and olive oil are well known, olive leaves are less famous. But they actually contain way more phenolic compounds. Phenolic compounds are the antioxidant flavonoids that are responsible for many of the benefits of olives. One of the most important phenolic compounds in olives is oleuropein. Molecular studies have shown that oleuropein binds to ACE-2 receptors, preventing the spike of the COVID virus from binding to your cells, preventing entry. It also inhibits the main protease of the COVID virus, preventing replication.

The phenolic compounds in olive leaf are antiviral, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory: all properties that people with COVID could benefit from.

So, for the first time, researchers put olive leaf extract to the test. The triple-blind study included 141 people who were hospitalized with confirmed COVID and imaging consistent with COVID pneumonia. The people in the study were between 18 and 72, and the average age was 48.88. All of them were on standard care. One group was given a placebo, one group was given 250mg of olive leaf extract and one group was given 500mg of olive leaf extract. They all took their pills twice a day for 5 days. The olive leaf extract was standardized for 30% oleuropein.

The two doses of olive leaf extract were equally effective, and both were significantly better than placebo. On the fifth day of hospitalization, body temperature, pulse rate and respiratory rate and oxygen saturation were all significantly better in the olive leaf extract groups than in the placebo group. Inflammation, as measured by C-reactive protein and erythrocyte sedimentation rate, was also significantly better in the olive leaf groups.

Importantly, length of hospitalization was significantly shorter in the olive leaf extract groups.

The olive leaf extract was safe with no one having an adverse reaction.

This study shows that olive leaf extract can safely help treat COVID and get you home from the hospital faster.

Explore (NY). 2022 Oct 29; doi:10.1016/j.explore.2022.10.020

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