saffron improves diabetes control

This pretty flower that chefs love is proving to be a powerful medicinal herb. Recent research is suggesting that it may a powerful herb for diabetics too.

Saffron is more than just a pretty flower. It has a remarkable number of uses, including depression and anxiety as well as insomnia.

Several studies have now begun to suggest that saffron may be a valuable herb for diabetics as well.

Now a new triple-blind study has added to the evidence behind saffron as a diabetes herb.

One of the most important tests of a diabetes treatment is its effect on HbA1c because it is the most important marker of long term blood sugar and diabetes control. This study found that 30mg of saffron significantly lowered HbA1c. The placebo did not. The difference between the saffron and the placebo was significant.

The saffron was also very safe. There were no significant negative side effects, but there were several positive ones. At the end of the study, the saffron group had improved vision, constipation, arthritis, kidney stones and blood pressure: pretty welcome side effects.

Clin Nutr ESPEN. 2022 08 ;50:255-263

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