olive leaf extract is better than acyclovir for oral herpes cold sores

Cold sores are caused by a herpes virus (HSV-1), and they are incredibly common. What if the best treatment for them was not a drug at all, but a herb?

Even healthy people get cold sores. Sometimes called oral herpes or fever blisters, the gold standard for treating them is the drug acyclovir, which is applied as a lip cream. This double-blind study compared 5% acyclovir lip cream to a 2% olive leaf extract cream. The 66 people in the study all had HSV-1, or cold sores. They each applied one of the creams five times a day for six days.

The good news is that both treatments worked. But the olive leaf worked faster. It also worked better because the people who applied the olive leaf cream had significantly less bleeding, itching, pain, irritation and colour change.

The researchers concluded that olive leaf extract cream “is superior in the healing of episodes of HSV-1 over the acyclovir cream.”

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