vitamin D protects against infection and hospitalization from COVID-19

We have written a lot about how vitamins might help in the fight against COVID-19; we have written a lot about the promise of vitamin D. The mountain of evidence  keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Recently, we wrote about two newly published studies on COVID and vitamin D. And in vol. 24, No. 1 of The Natural Path, we have done an extensive update on the research on vitamin D.

To add to the evidence, here’s another published study on vitamin D and COVID-19.

This huge study included 14,000 people who were tested for COVID-19. It found that vitamin D levels are significantly lower among people who test positive for COVID-19. There was a significant 58% increase in the risk of getting COVID-19 if vitamin D levels were low and more than double the risk of having to be hospitalized.

The researchers concluded, once again, that a low level of vitamin D is a risk factor for both infection and hospitalization, a consistent finding in the research.

FEBS 2020;287(17):3693-3702

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