dark chocolate is nature's perfect health food

Finally, the health and diet book has been written that tells you what you always wanted to hear (but thought you never would)!

We waited a long time before writing our new book on dark chocolate. Chocolate’s delicious, but it couldn’t be a health food.

Then the first studies started to come out showing that dark chocolate was good for your heart.

Okay, we said, chocolate may be good for your heart, but it’s the ultimate sweet, so it must be bad for diabetes.

When the studies started coming out saying that chocolate was good for diabetes, we said, okay, so chocolate has health benefits, but what good is that when it’s so fattening.

But when the research started to show that eating chocolate isn’t fattening, a picture emerged of the most delicious food in the world that is good for your heart, good for diabetes and helps you lose weight and get smarter while you eat it. Now that was a story that needed to be told. So, we got to work and wrote the book Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods.

Dark chocolate may just be nature’s perfect superfood.

Dark Chocolate & Your Heart
Dark chocolate is healthy for your heart for many reasons. It lowers the bad LDL cholesterol while raising the good HDL cholesterol. It dilates your blood vessels and improves circulation. It lowers blood pressure and benefits atherosclerosis. Eating dark chocolate can prevent cardiovascular disease, coronary heart disease, stroke and protect you from dying from a heart attack.

Dark Chocolate & Diabetes
It seems impossible because it’s the ultimate sweet, but dark chocolate is good for diabetes. It improves blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance and improving insulin sensitivity.

Dark Chocolate Makes You Smart
Dark chocolate can actually make you smarter. Eating dark chocolate reverses age related memory decline: it actually increases memory. Seniors who eat dark chocolate have significantly better cognition and lower risk of cognitive decline. But chocolate is not only brain food for seniors: college students who eat dark chocolate perform better on memory tests.

But it Has to Make You Fat
Nope! At least half a dozen studies say that it won’t. But, wait for the really good news! Eating dark chocolate will actually help you lose weight.

And That’s Not All
In our new book, Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods, we reveal at least 10 more important and surprising benefits of dark chocolate, including benefits for pregnant women, athletes and people who love to work out and exercise, and people who enjoy being out in the sun.

Chocolate: Superfood of the Gods not only lays out all the science proving that chocolate is good for you, it also gives you more than 60 delicious recipes to help you get more delicious dark chocolate into your diet. And though there are lots of delicious recipes for desserts and treats, the real innovation is that many of the recipes show you how to get dark chocolate into your main courses, starters, soups and salads.

Loaded in the mystical lore of chocolate, this book is as fun to read as it is informative while it delivers the best news yet in health research: dark chocolate is nature’s superfood!

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