high dose IV vitamin C may help fight COVID-19

Way back in May in The Natural Path newsletter (Vol.23, No.8), we wrote about several studies that were underway on high dose intravenous vitamin C for COVID-19. Some of those studies have now been completed. At least two of them have been analyzed and written. But, so far, no medical journals have agreed to publish them. Why not? What did they find? Why are they secret?

The first is a controlled study conducted in three hospitals in China. 54 people with severe acute respiratory syndrome from confirmed COVID-19 were given either a placebo IV or high dose IV vitamin C. The dose of vitamin C was 12g every 12 hours for 7 days.

There was no significant difference between vitamin C and placebo for the number of days on ventilation: that’s the bad news. Now the good news. There was a significant reduction in 28 day mortality in the vitamin C group. Importantly, there was a significant reduction in inflammation in the vitamin C group. The vitamin C group also had improvement in blood oxygen levels. The IV vitamin C was safe.

The researchers concluded that high dose IV vitamin C “may provide a protective clinical effect without any adverse events in critically ill Coivd-19 patients” (ZhiYong Peng 2020).

The second study is a case series study also conducted in China. This study looked at 12 severely or critically ill patients with confirmed COVID-19 pneumonia who received high dose IV vitamin C. By day 3 on IV vitamin C, C reactive protein, a marker of inflammation, had returned to normal. Lymphocyte count and CD4+ t cell counts had also returned to normal. Their Sequential Organ Failure Assessment (SOFA) scores, which measures the number and severity of failed organs, and blood oxygenation levels also improved. There were no deaths in the group.

The researchers concluded that high dose IV vitamin C “might be beneficial in aspects of inflammatory response, immune and organ function for aggravation of Covid-19 patients" (Enqian Mao 2020).

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