bacopa boosts memory and cognition in children, adults and people with Alzheimer's

Some valuable herbs just haven’t caught on. If you’d heard of this one, you’d remember because it charges your memory.

Bacopa is a herb that hails from India’s Ayruvedic system of medicine, in which it is known as brahmi. It is used as a brain tonic for boosting cognition and preventing memory loss. Recent science is supporting that use.

A recent review of the research on herbs for cognition gave the thumbs up to four: ginkgo, saffron, dark chocolate and bacopa (Pharmacol Res 2018;130:204-212). Several double-blind studies attest to bacopa’s ability to enhance learning, attention and memory in healthy people. And that was the conclusion of a systematic review of six high quality studies of bacopa’s effect on recall in healthy people (J Alt Comp Med 2012;647-652).

The really promising news is that bacopa can even help memory in people with Alzheimer’s.

Bacopa may do its work in many ways: it works as an antioxidant, it has neuroprotective effects and it increases acetylcholine and decreases acetylcholinesterase.

A recent review of research included 15 studies. Thirteen of them were double-blind. Two of them were on children, and both found a benefit to bacopa.

The majority of the studies were on healthy adults, and all of them found benefit for bacopa, especially in memory, learning, attention and speed of processing. A study that was not blinded even found benefit in people with Alzheimer’s, including orientation, attention and language comprehension.

Several of the studies used 300-600mg a day of standardized bacopa extract.

The authors of the review conclude that bacopa extract improves cognition and helps prevent and perhaps even treat Alzheimer’s.

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