blueberry improves cognition in middle age adults

Can the unassuming blueberry boost your brain and make you smarter? Could a brain boost be a blueberry away?

There is a very large body of evidence that supports an idea that a lot of people could benefit from really easily: blueberries boost your brain. Several studies show that blueberries can make both seniors and kids smarter. But what about the rest of you? Can the antioxidant loaded blueberry make middle aged adults smarter too?

The good news is that they can.

The people in this new blueberry study were all between 43 and 59. They were each given a single placebo drink or a drink or a drink that was equivalent to eating one cup of wild blueberries. The drink was made from freeze dried wild blueberry powder.

Each person performed cognitive tests, then drank either the blueberry drink or the placebo drink, then they performed the cognitive tests again.

After drinking the blueberry, cognitive tasks improved in the middle aged adults compared to the placebo group. The people in the blueberry  group were better, faster and made less errors. As a bonus, they also had improvements in glucose and insulin after a meal.

This study adds even more evidence for blueberry as a natural way to boost cognition.

Eur J Nutr 2020;doi:10.1007/s00394-020-02336-8

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