blueberry and grape polyphenols improve cognition, memory and attention in students

Looking for a brain boost next time you write an exam? The correct answer might be a supplement made from blueberries and grapes.

Yesterday, we wrote about raspberries finally getting some health attention. In that blog, we linked to all kinds of studies that show that blueberries are great for your brain. But what if you boost the blueberries by combining them with another flavonoid rich fruit? What happens if  you supplement with a combination of polyphenol flavonoids from blueberries and grapes?

Thirty healthy students were given a single dose of either a placebo or 600mg of a polyphenols-rich extract from blueberries and grapes in a double-blind study. Ninety minutes later, their cognitive function was tested in a one hour battery of cognitive tests. The students who took the supplement had a significant 2.5 fold increase in serial subtraction task scores.

These results suggest that supplementing blueberry and grape polyphenols can acutely improve working memory and attention while undertaking a sustained cognitive effort. Remember that when exam time comes!

Antioxidants 2019;8(12):650

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