strawberries improve blood sugar and cholesterol

You hear about the health benefits of cranberries. You hear about the health benefits of blueberries. But you never hear about the health benefits of strawberries. Delicious, but disrespected, it’s time to praise the health benefits of strawberries.

In our recent review of strawberries, we revealed its wealth of antioxidants and its benefits for osteoarthritis and cognition. Most importantly, we uncovered an early study suggesting that strawberries benefit blood sugar control and several studies that show that strawberries benefit your heart by improving cholesterol and triglycerides.

A new study has just been published that adds to the evidence for blood sugar and heart.

33 obese adults with high LDL cholesterol were given either a placebo powder, a low dose serving of 13g of strawberry powder or a higher dose serving of 32g of strawberry powder each day for 14 weeks. The researchers say that both doses of strawberry powder are achievable with strawberries in the diet.

The higher strawberry dose had significant health benefits, including significantly reducing fasting insulin and insulin resistance compared to the low dose and placebo groups.

The high dose strawberry powder also had benefits for cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is bad and VLDL cholesterol is even worse. But when LDL particles are small and dense, they are especially bad for building up plaque in your arteries and are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Nuclear magnetic resonancing found that the high dose strawberry powder significantly reduced VLDL, small VLDL, LDL and small LDL cholesterol.

This small, but interesting study, adds to the evidence that strawberries are health food that benefits blood sugar and cardiovascular health.

Nutrients 2021 Apr 23 ;13(5)

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