spirulina improves children's mental and motor development

This innovative and exciting study explores the possibility of addressing disadvantages caused by poverty nutritionally. What would happen if you gave children at an economic disadvantage a simple supplement of spirulina?

Poor socioeconomic status can set kids up for delayed development. That delayed development, in turn, can set them up for doing poorly in school, which, in turn, sets them up for lower income later in life. Which was the problem in the first place.

Could supplementing children with spirulina in their first two years reduce the struggle?

Spirulina is a nutrient and antioxidant rich blue-green microalgae. In this controlled, but unblinded, study, 367 children ate their corn and soy porridge plain or with added spirulina.

The results were encouraging and exciting. The kids given the spirulina scored significantly higher for both motor and mental development than the kids in the control group. Specifically, they scored higher on gross motor development, fine motor development, language skills and social skills. While over 57% of the children in the control group failed to reach milestones for motor development and language and social skills, that number dropped to 46.1% in the spirulina group.

The researchers concluded that giving kids spirulina during the first two years of life provided lasting benefits on child development.

This is a hopeful study!

Nutrients March 29, 2019;11(4)

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